Waiting for weather window

Mon 30 Jun 2014 18:56
65:15.951N 13:59.601W
Great walk up slope on opposite (North) side of fjord yesterday – bombed by Arctic Terns and surrounded by noisy Whimbrels. Stunning scenery with several alpine plants.
Storm is forecast so waiting here probably until Saturday 5 July. Good to relax and enjoy swimming pool and sauna, while relearning the ropes – literally and figuratively; although 3D ineptitude means my knots are imaginative.
We are sleeping like stones (as Oromo say) and eating well and healthily, partly due to excellent ‘bistro’ nearby. The Skatfell Hotel is wonderfully friendly and enjoyed by people of all ages from all over the world. It combines best features of good restaurant and an old fashioned youth hostel. Lots of impressive and adventurous youngsters. French couple and their skipper, in yacht moored next to Mingara, left with huge rucksacks for four week hike two mornings ago.
For the birders – Harlequin Ducks (last seen by TT on Niagara River in 1975), singing Redwings and creche of 15+ Eider chicks being shepherded by 1-2 females near shore.
Fascinating place - with echoes of North Scotland, Norway and New Zealand. Very therapeutic.
Trevor (the not-so-able seaman).

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