A drizzly day

Sun 22 Jun 2014 17:11
58:43.73 N 13:04.93 W
Yes-drizzle-a swell from the West, and a force 1-3 WSW breeze. The wind comes and goes-but is still pushing me onwards –so thanks for that! I have seen one ship today-4 miles away heading East-otherwise its me and the birds-mainly those magic aeronauts the Fulmars, a few Gannets, and just now a group of Terns.
I have had a good siesta-and make up for short disturbed nights of sleep. I remain disciplined about the boat-and whatever needs doing gets done straight away. I have planned this trip since I bought Mingara 3 years ago-but it still feels strange to be actually realising the ideas. The book I am reading seems to relate to the strange business of me being here in the first place.
The forecast remains in general good news for me-though I have learned not to believe them til they are right! About 420 miles to go-but still sailing in the right direction Good show! The sunshine in the picture belongs to yesterday. Bye for now,   Steve

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