jogging along

Thu 24 Jul 2014 18:41
54:16.03N 05:12.68W
Cap’n Greybeard has sent me below to write the blog after a stint on the tiller for a few hours. Fierce sun is not matched by the wind, which means we are chugging along at jogging speed, depending on tidal flows – 7 knots when in sounds and channels going with the tide and down to 2-3 knots when against it. At low wind speeds the wind-directed steering apparatus does not function, so it’s necessary to hand the tiller.
We eventually passed the Mulls of Kintyre and Galloway and are now inching past the Isle of Man, with aptly-named Manx Shearwaters sailing effortlessly by. Now we are back at sea, our old faithful friends, Fulmar Petrels are wheeling stiff-winged about.
Millions of other boats about – ferries, cargo vessels and fishing boats – different to what we are accustomed to.
Steve’s just pulled out the foresail but engine still on, though wind vane now steering.
Now for dinner. It’s Greybeard’s turn and we are looking forward to something tastier than Spam (wonderful Spam!) sandwiches.
Warm regards
Greybeard (SJW) and Whitebeard (TT)
Photo is of Loch Lochy on Caledonian Canal.

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