Tacking towards the Faroes

Sat 5 Jul 2014 18:03
We set off last evening to catch a tail wind at the start of our journey before encountering forecast headwinds. The tail wind gave us a right old pounding and coming from behind the cabin was soon wet with spray and rain. Thankfully it gradually eased-I had two reefs in the mainsail and about  1/4 of the foresail showing –enough! Taking a reef in a mainsail or putting up a storm jib once you are in bad weather is a risky nightmare-always important to be ahead of the game. Fortunately there are no bad blows being forecast now-so we tack to head East, then tack to head South, so gradually head South East. We have done 100 miles on our first day-motor sailing for the latter part-and have 220 to go.
Here’s a picture of the gloomy scene as we left Iceland. Today started the same way but this afternoon-sunshine-hurray! Love to all,   Steve and Trevor

JPEG image