Jobs done on Suduro

Thu 10 Jul 2014 20:36
Today has been a good day for Trevor and I. We have filled all the diesel cans, aired the boat, had the stainless steel fractured pushpit bar at the back of the boat successfully welded back together by a Mr Knut-pronounced Canute, and Trevor has patiently repaired and re fitted the stern wiring which was disrupted by the repair. We need to clean and re-fill the boat water tank-which got a slosh of diesel in it, and we have bought a new furling line to replace the old damaged one.
Then----the weather gap we seek is waiting for us but not showing yet! I hope it comes soon as we want to make an important rendezvous for the Caledonian canal part of the trip in about a weeks time. But-here we are with southerly winds-waiting for a Northerly trend which the locals tell us “always” happens-surrounded by people who are noticeable for their friendliness and desire to help. In addition we are in a place of wild beauty-the photo today is one from yesterdays walk-when we crested the mountainous ridge-disappeared into mist-and looked down the path the other side. We followed it down and eventually reached the lake near the bottom –our target. Today we set off walking the other way-but were ushered into a group lifting a locally built traditional row/sail boat out of a boat house to a place where a crane could lift it onto the back of a lorry to be transported to the town centre where it will be one of the attractions in tomorrows island festival day. The sun continues to shine! Love to all, From us both,
Steve and Trevor

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