Pentland Firth

Thu 17 Jul 2014 21:08
57:56.00N 03:33.66W
We had some good fortune today-firstly we were given expert advice on traversing this dangerous stretch of water by the fellow sailors, Rod and Steve-the evening before, and secondly the weather did what it was forecast to do-giving us the vital wind with tide scenario-a situation which lasted 5-6 hours only-but long enough for us to get across; it’s not far- and with favourable fast currents it took only a couple of hours. The wind then carried us South beyond Duncansby head and then Whitby-before obligingly changing from West to South  East which is ideal for advancing on Inverness, which is what we are now doing,aiming for the Caledonian canal.
The sea is gradually narrowed as we approach Inverness( in sea area Cromarty)- its getting dark now. It is very clear to me now how much harder it is to manage things close to land-while far out to sea there is much less to concern yourself with. Still-with some resting during today, and sharing the night it won’t be too bad. The canal lock gates open for 4 hrs before and after high water (5.15am) between 8am and 5.30pm-so we hope to get in between 8 and 9.15 am tomorrow-we’ll see!
So from two people who are thanking the wind maker-bye for now!   Steve and Trevor