Day 11

Sat 21 Jun 2014 17:34
56:55.64 N 13:04.32 W
Well here’s a couple of pictures from today. I am pleased to be  feeling as well as I do-not too tired and mood good. haven’t been physically challenged by the weather apart from frustrations early on with no wind. Now its a good breeze-am always beating into it-so a following wind one day will be welcome. I am, nearing Rockall-=will probably pass it  in the night-someone spent 6 weeks on it recently and said theres FA on Rockall so I won’t stop.
Am enjoyng my reads and siestas but am looking forward to Trevor joining on Iceland-I’m not a natural loner,but seem to be able to cope. The 7 day forecast looks hopeful for the long crossing to come-Bye for now, love to all, Steve  
PS- only seem able to get one picture on-so you’ve got me!

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