bouncing less

Mon 7 Jul 2014 17:47
61:29.30 N 09:12.66 W
Greetings from not-so-able seaman Trevor and Cap’n Steve,
Really appreciating the ease with which things are done on terra firma. After bashing my unprotected bonce in the loo yesterday, am delighted to see that heeling to port rather than starboard makes the procedure much easier. Having learnt to make tea and one pan meals, washing up etc while leaning to starboard, am now learning new techniques for other way.
Weather a lot easier now and after some essential repairs to fraying lines, our brave cap’n (call me salty) Steve de-reefed the mainsail and we are churning up the knots (4kph) without engine assistance.
No whales yet on the southward journey. Steve had a party of pilot whales on the way up. Both enjoying watching Fulmars who have been our faithful companions since Seydisfjordur.
Lovely to feel warm and get some sunshine. Aiming to moor at Vagur on Suduroy, the southernmost of the Faeroes, sometime tomorrow.
Surprised to feel legs stiff from constant effort of maintaining upright (sometimes) posture.
Both in high spirits and enjoying ourselves.

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