Fri 27 Jun 2014 14:14
Today its a good rest plus sorting out a few boat problems: The cord which rotates the foresail furler has chafed badly-fortunately I got to it before it broke otherwise I would have lost control of the biggest sail. I have cut the weak parts cut out and it’s knotted  but still functions. The cord was running out the wrong side of the furler frame and rubbing on it-it needs to track down the other side of the boat which I have now arranged. The mast head light works well-but wobbles! I have a borrowed mast ladder which I will put to the test tomorrow and see if I can stabilise this wobbling pillar of light. The third problem was the chart plotter which didn’t respond to the card of Iceland-so all detail such as lighthouses were not showing-anyway-today-fiddle fiddle- it now works great!
Off to get some clothes washed-then to explore the local swimming pool, and natural hot water tub I am told is here, before getting back to Mingara and doing a good tidy and making space for Trevor who is due in this evening. We will need some fresh food-I will wait for Trevor to accompany me for that-he has a discerning eye-and is not addicted to tinned food at all!
I will add a picture separately-still intermittent satellite coverage.   Love to all,   Steve