Bere Island

Sat 14 Jun 2014 09:26
51:38.058 N  09:49.598 W
I never expected to call in here. Life catches me out-I mentally prepared for wind and high seas. I have had calm, flat sea and zephyrs of breeze from varying directions. So Bere island seemed a good call-I have used over half the fuel-so a fuel up, rest up, tidy up are all due-and looking at my electronic 3 day wind forecast I am in the right place for today and tomorrow-and unless things change for the better will leave in 2 days time. No worries-soon I’ll be complaining about too much wind. Current practical problem is that I am on a remote Irish island with no euros. I looked in at the local and offered pounds but she gave me a pint of lager saying-“oh-don’t worry about it!”  A demain,   Steve