Pilot whales on a mission

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Wed 9 Jun 2010 12:21
45:51.7400N 23:12.0000W
The sun was fading as a pod of, what initially appeared to be large dolphins, were sighted some way off the stern. They were soon identified as pilot whales numbering well over 25 and heading towards us, clearly on a mission, and looking spectacular. It was at this stage that Tony put the experience in question with the phrase "I don't want to frighten you guys but...." he then went on to describe the ordeal of a man who spent 72 days in a liferaft in the Pacific after his yacht was attacked and destroyed by these awsome creatures. By this time the lead members were drawing quite close to us and still heading directly towards us, others were out on the starboard quarter. Ever one for helpful contributions Duncan suggested arming with knives and jumping in to fight them off, although I don't think he was ready to lead the charge! I had heard of the ordeal mentioned by Tony as the book is part of the recommended reading material on a Sea Survival course I attended before we came away and I was beginning to wish I had taken the time to read it. Just in case we had been mistaken for large piece of prey I thought it prudent to start the engine which resulted in the pod veering away and swimming off to the west.
Fortunately all four of us were wide awake to witness this experience otherwise it might be reasonable to assume we had been at sea too long and going bonkers. We did manage a short clip of video but suspect it will be more sea and wind with the odd black blob.
Had another visit this-morning, a group of pilot whales following the boat but this time less interested in us and providing great entertainment. They did'nt seem too interested in the fishing lure. Still no fish to eat!
Have now crossed latitude 45 degrees and set a straight course for the Lizard. As forecast the wind has moved to the north so it could be a fine reach for some time.