42:46:8700N 9:03:4400W Ria Muros

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Mon 31 Aug 2009 16:52
Ria de Muros has to be one of the more spectacular and beautiful of the Spanish Ria's. We arrived last evening from Camarinas after a very quick passage under double reefed main and working jib (worked a treat to those of you who understand what I'm blabbering about). We anchored in a very quiet corner off Playa de San Francisco, ideal for an early morning swim -about 10ish- and morning on the beach. Now en-route to Muros an old fishing village/town for a look around and try to find an internet connection.
We have spent 3 nights in Camarinas waiting for the tail end of Hurricaine Bill to pass over,  a small place full of Spanish youngsters driving old bangers too fast around the narrow streets whilst blaring out dreadful music. And another thing, there were far too many dogs left to roam the streets fouling the pavements unchecked.(editor's note 'silly old fart' Other than that it was quite a nice place really.
On arrival we had a lovely meal at a local restaurant and settled in for an early night. That was soon put in turmoil by the sound of shouting and a lot of banging. The smell of acrid smoke drove me to the conclusion I ought to investigate and it took seconds to realise the boat immediately in front of us, about 2 meters across the pontoon from us, was belching out smoke from the companionway and the mainsail was alight. The owner, a man from Finland, was coughing and clutching the side of Silver Bear, whilst others empied the contents of several fire extinguishers and the hose reel into his boat. Fortunately we were able to move Silver Bear to a safe location to witness the arrival of the local firefighter (singular) in a fire truck that probably doubled as a holding tank for his daily catch! The newspapers the following day reported that this guy had been drunk and implied that he had deliberately set fire to the boat, thereafter booking into a hotel where he trashed the room before catching a taxi out of the area!
The picture of Lady Gina was also taken in Camarinas. I thought I would include it as a caption competition with first prize being a week on Silver Bear at a surprise destination. The second prize will be 2 weeks and the third prize an adventure as crew on the return trip across the Atlantic in June! Rude or unkind comments will not be considered by the judges.