In the groove

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Sat 28 Nov 2009 14:10
19:06.6900N 27:17.7340W
All has settled down,after 3 days of 30 knot winds and 2-3 metre waves all is calm.At least is was until this morning when I woke up to find water crashing over the stern,fortunately it was just David ,Ray and Andy having a wash!
Not alot to report really everyone is happy and well fed at the moment,I must admit when working out the provisioning I had forgotten quite how much David eats as Andy said,'I bet he does some damage to a fridge ,when he gets back from a night out with the boys'.
We haven't seen a great deal of sea life,though I found a dead flying fish on the floor of the heads,not a good combination.
I'm scraping round for news here.Ray's pregnant,no.David has tan lines on his legs,Ray has tan lines round his tummy and where I have tan lines is nobodies business.
Somehow or the other the days just seem to pass,sleeping,sunbathing,cooking,knitting(Ali),reading, trying to work out our position using the sextant,(Andy and Ray) and  occasionally having to reconfigure the sails.
Hope everyone is well and enjoying the build up to Christmas,I can't say I miss the shopping ,but I may have the crew singing carols before the end of our journey.
Love to you all