La Coruna

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Wed 26 Aug 2009 09:37
We seem to be spending rather more time than planned at La Coruna, partly because there is plenty to see and do and more laterly because there is a strong wind blowing from where we want to go (also had a bit of headache yesterday morning-probably too much sun). We have enjoyed some excellent evening entertainment in the square courtesy of the Galicia Simphonic Orchestra and others. The continentals seem to know how to put on a good show and all for free. On Sunday we visited the same restaraunt as I went to 12 months earlier with Phil and Paddy and enjoyed the same level of service from the same staff- she did ask where you boys were!                                  
The pictures show Mike and Sandra's house at the Poitou Charente- It's been a labour of love for them both and a fantastic result. The other shows a procession through the streets of La Coruna