Las Palmas making preps

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Sat 7 Nov 2009 16:39
As you might have realised technology and I are not yet in harmony. Forgive the poor sequencing, lack of pins in maps, repetition and general poor quality of the bells and whistles that are supposed to give a slick and polished presentation, but I give in and refuse to waste any more time trying to make things look pretty.
We have made it to Las Palmas on Gran Canaria and are carrying out some repairs and general catch up on the boat. It's a good opportunity to do all those little jobs that have needed doing for ages but never time to do them. Ali is less bothered by the smelly toilet and finds solice laying on the beach next to the marina (sand imported from the Sahara complete with scorpions etc etc- you've all heard it before). Life generally has slowed to a little less than a snails pace, the main challenge of the day centering around where to feed, drink or lounge. Ali bought me some training shoes in Lisbon and i have finally run out of excuses not to do exercise, so I have started running in the mornings- very slowly and only on the flat, but it's a start.
The marina is filling up with boats from all over northern Europe flying their ARC flags. We have met up with a lot of the people we bumped into on our way south and there is a general air of building anticipation. The chandlers are busy as crews carry out last minute repairs and upgrades. The social calender starts on Monday with various sponsored receptions and seminars so the next couple of weeks should be interesting and just a little celebratory.