Turtle and a seagull

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Thu 20 May 2010 17:53
37:06.6320N 54:57.5470W
Since leaving Bermuda, we have been kept company by a variety of wildlife. It's amazing that even here we are almost never alone. Portugese Men-of-War float along with their purple sail flying. Birds of various varieties seem to search us out with one or two getting a little too close for comfort to the fishing lure trailed behind Silver Bear by Ash and Duncan. Turtles frequently float by, drifting on the ocean currents. They are easily spotted as they are a brownish colour against the green/blue of the sea. Our most amusing incident so far was a turtle floating along carrying a bird on its back! We were not quite sure what the relationship was between the two, but it seemed to work for them! By far our most entertaining visitors are the dolphins which appear out of nowhere on a daily basis. Luckily, we have been travelling quickly and our speed makes us more fun for them. We have seen both spotted and common dolphins. They arrive out of nowhere, swimming alongside in formation, then darting across our bow. As quickly as they arrive they get bored of us and are gone...The only wildlife not making an appearance are the fish, which seem distinctly unimpressed with our offerings. Sushi is scratched from the menu for another day.