Resupply at sea - RSA

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Sat 5 Dec 2009 12:27
It took a while to find them, but the Atlantic Ocean is a big place. We have been shadowing Starfire for three days now and a pattern is emerging. On day one we managed to pass over a couple of semi-chilled beers for each of them. On day two the throw line was caught (one handed by the gifted cricketer and skipper of Silver Bear) and at Alan's request an ipod was despatched together with some chocolate in exchange for some downloaded films - no doubt these films will have a shaking camera and have the sound of sweet wrappers in the background. Day three is showing the true motive when Alan suggested we should swap two people from each boat!
We are making slow but steady progress with approximately 1100 nm to go to St Lucia. Its good to have the company of Alan and Tom who have all the cheek and banter one might expect from two single young lads crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a 25 foot boat with a small section of scaffold plank acting as a rudder. The radio traffic is lively, if not always in accord with the protocols, but then we are hundreds of miles from any other vessel.
Life onboard has settled into a pattern, we have almost given up on cards as they keep flying about in the wind. The bread making is a real hit, Ali's knitting is going well, the sextant results are becoming a little more accurate (although the twilight star sights need a longer twilight!), and I thought we had just caught our first fish, but sadly it was a false alarm. We are sailing dead downwind in a very rolling  sea so it's pretty uncomfortable, even more so for Alan and Tom, but we are safely moving in the right direction.