Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Mon 5 Oct 2009 16:35
If you ever go to Lisbon you must try the famous Belam cake shop and their custard pies. Ann G made a bit of a pig of herself with them which was a little embarrassing but I did'nt like to say anything! I quite enjoyed my one (or maybe 2). Great place Lisbon, loads to see and do .The weather was also ideal 25 c in th day and cool at night, Ali's favourite time was sitting on a terrace overlooking the city,sipping an excellent Gin Fizz as the sun went down,everyone was lounging on beanbags ,sofas and deckchairs,all very laidback.
We had a little accident whilst I was attempting to drop everyone off at a very nice beach. Unfortunately a wave caught the tender at the wrong angle and the next instant Ann was submerged in the breakers. Everyone laughed except Mrs Lawry who gave me another telling off. (I do'nt think she has forgiven me for a little canoeing incident at Turf Locks!)
(I can assure you there have been many other times between then and now,he hasn't been forgiven for!)
Anyway Ann and Iain were still talking to us when they left and basically we had a fab week.
We had a real hoot with Ann and Iain and thouroughly enjoyed a week of laughter. Great company although maybe a little way to go before the sea legs aclimatise.