The British Virgin Islands

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Sun 18 Apr 2010 22:13
18:23.9050N 64:38.380W
Trellis Bay comprises of a row of shacks selling local craft, bars and similar. It is unspoiled and very earthy with only a dirt road leading through it and a small path leading the 3 minute walk to Tortilla airport. Within minutes of landing you are in the Carribean enjoying the laid back pace with a cold beer. Tim and Anne caught us out arriving over 1.5 hours early by Sunshine Airway - as they were the only passengers they joined the pilot for the 40 minute trip from Puerto Rico. A far cry from the delays they were subsequently to encounter on their journey home resulting from the eruption in Iceland!
Trellis Bay is home to the monthly Full Moon Party when fires are lit in large metal cages with carvings of various characters and shapes.
Virgin Gorda at the Bitter End Club. More white sand and palm trees.
 Necker the Island home of Richard Branson lies just to the north. We circumnavigated the Island and below you can make out the main building where people pay mega-money to stay.
We spent two days on the Island of Anegada a coral Island which is 24 foot at its highest point. We enjoyed the local delicacy a generous serving of grilled Caribbean lobster. On the second day just as it began to get light (5.30 am) both the anchors we had set dragged in the soft sand and weed so we had to make a quick transfer onto a mooring buoy. Fortunately no harm was done and at least one of us managed to get back to sleep.
The heat is pretty relentless, here Tim is enjoying a cool tow behind Silver Bear.