200 nm to Scilly

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Sun 13 Jun 2010 12:24
49:06.5830N 10:59.4410W
This will probably be the last blog before landing at St Mary's,Isles of Scilly as the airtime left on the sat phone is about to run out. If the weather and conditions allow it is our intention to spend a few days there to dry the boat and visit a few attractions... the Mermaid, Atlantic and Bishop and Wolf to name 3.
We had another stowaway last night which stays with us as I write, a racing pigeon named by the crew Chas (there were originally 2 but Dave flew off) and he seems determined to get inside the cabin to warm up. He appears to have made friends with the boys. That could be a mistake!
We may be friends but desperate times call for desperate measures!