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Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Sat 5 Sep 2009 11:33
We spent the night anchored off the Islas Cies a small pair of islands forming a natural breakwater to the entrance to Vigo and Bayona. The day tripper boats all went home leaving us to a pretty much deserted beach and glorious setting sun. It would have been perfect had it not been for the brisk breeze and slop that meant Ali had no sleep! It's lucky she did'nt need to get up for work in the morning and could call the butler for another cup of tea.
The Spanish Ria's were well worth a visit. It would have been easy to spend longer there but the weather seems to be hinting at it's intention to turn into autumn, together with the associated strong westrerly winds, and we have a long way to go south to warmer climes. A few days back, maybe thursday (the days have started to drift into a general haze) we sailed into Ria Pontevedra. The radio was forecasting gale force winds but fortunaately we were just south of them, although there were strong winds against us and a miserable sea, the sort you might imagine being on a top loading washing machine. As we went through the Ria visibility was down to a few hundred meters and we could have been going into Camals Head creek. When the sun came out inthe morning it felt a lot different and we took a taxi into Pontevedra, a charming town with plenty of national monuments and well tended parks. The tapas was just how we dreamed should be and made us realise, once again, that you need to get away from the coastal holiday destinations to get a true taste of a country, and excellent value too.
The picture below shows what is left of our neighbours boat in Camarinas and hopefully some others of general interest. We managed several of the surface of the water, yet more failures to capture a large pod of (I think Bottlenose) dolphins we came across in the Ria.