Jumping ship

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Sat 8 May 2010 16:06
27:10.7000N 64:31.9530W
I'm told the Horse Latitudes got their name from the tradition of throwing horses overboard when ships hit the calms in this area between the Trade Winds in the south and the Westerlies further north. We have hit those calms but unlike ships of old we don't have any horses to dump overboard to make the boat lighter. So we had to do the next best thing and here's the result - sorry Ash!
Ali told me off and made us go back-
Swimming in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean almost 4 miles deep is a strange sensation but when you need to cool down anything goes.
We are currently just over 300 miles from Bermuda and hope to reach it by Monday, which will probably mean holding off until tuesday morning to make a daylight approach. So if you can access this Tony we should get to you in plenty of time for the next leg homeward. (Tony and Karren are holidaying in Bermuda before Tony joins us when Ali jumps ship for the air conditioned comfort of the Cayman Islands where she is off to spend a few well earned weeks pampering with our friends Lu and Ian Thomas). It's been a long and sometimes uncomfortable trip and Ali has been fantastic, putting up with all sorts of discomforts with little complaint. Although there have been times when I may have been the skipper but it is clear to all that she is the Admiral - totally outranked.