Gone South to Tobago Cays

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Sat 6 Feb 2010 16:15
12:46.0000N 61:21.0600W
Seem to be constantly playing catch up with this blog.
We were just going to head south from St Lucia, but everyone we spoke to said not to miss the opportunity of visiting Bequia and the Tobago Cays and I'm very glad we took their advise.
Port Elizabeth is the 'capital' of Bequia,set in Admiralty Bay, it's a very popular place for divers and I can understand why as the water is crystal clear even by Caribbean standards.There are several lovely tree lined beaches and plenty of little restaurants and bars,so all in all a very good base. We would be sitting on the boat having a coffee and suddenly see a turtle swim to the surface have a look around and then dive down again (probably not too keen on what it saw,('all those damn boats').
The Tobago Cays were even more beautiful,these tiny uninhabited islands are set within a Marine Reserve area, and protected from the Atlantic ocean by a large horseshoe shaped coral, the water there was the bluest I have ever seen.
Our only disappointment was that it was very windy when we visited so getting ashore on the dinghy was pretty tricky.
We did manage to land on 'Turtle Beach',but the seabed had been churned up by the wind and we only saw one turtle.A boat load of American scuba divers had arrived just before us and probably managed to scare any living creature away. Why are Americans so bloody loud!
After spending a night on Mayreau ,we headed back to St Lucia,stopping overnight in Marigot Bay, very pretty and sheltered and then returned to Rodney Bay,which feels rather like home. We spent the last evening anchored  beneath Pigeon Island and visited a little beach shack/ restaurant called 'Jambon de Bois'. It was great ricketty furniture made from bits of driftwood,a longe area with a great book swap, internet access,and more food than we could eat.You could easily set up home there and  I think a few boats had.
Having replenished the stores we headed north to Martinque.