English Harbour or is it Little Britain?

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Tue 23 Feb 2010 22:22
17:00.3000N 61:45.7010W
We crossed the channel leaving France behind, that's the channel between Guadeloupe and Antigua, and feel like we have arrived in a warm and sunny corner of England, English Harbour. Nelsons Dockyard has been carefully restored to give an impression of how it was in its former glory days. The feel of the place is very different to the islands further south; the boat boys have gone, the skys are clear, the weather is still very warm but without that intensity associated with the greater humidity and the houses nestled amongst palm trees along the shore and into the hills give a different Caribbean feel, very relaxing and welcoming. It's quite stunning.
We have met up with several of the ARC crews we partied with in St Lucia, Dolfin (Richard and Dawn), Ranja (Miriam and Martin), and Cantare (the lovely Swedes Sophie and Maria). We all plan to meet up at the jump-up at Shirley Heights tomorrow evening so that sounds like good fun.
We are looking forward to meeting up with Ann and Chris Cleverly who are flying out to join us in a few days time.
Top- the view from Shirley Heights overlooking English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour
Bottom- The steel pan band at Shirley Heights on Sunday - good music bad tattoo!