Silver Bear to the rescue

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Tue 1 Dec 2009 15:36
17:57.4380N 34:39.2070W
We've had a fairly interesting day yesterday,another yacht ,too small to participate in the ARC, but sailing the Atlantic called 'Starfire',sent a message asking for our help as they had lost half their rudder.Starfire is a Sadler 25 being sailed by 2 young lads,Alan 22 and Tom 23.Alan's dad who met Ray on a sailing course asked Ray if he would keep a fatherly eye on them.Anyway they are a real pair of characters as you can imagine and apart from needing a few beers to be bought for them and the use of our mobile phone because of course their's was out of credit,they have been pretty independent, until yesterday when we got a call for help as they had lost half their rudder. Having notified ARC control we diverted SE to try to get back to Starfire.Not much fun sailing into the wind in 25-30 knts and a rough sea,4 hours into our rescue mission we received a satelite call from the coastguard Falmouth to say the boys had managed to repair their rudder.Somewhere on a 25 yacht they had found some spare timber,bolted it to what was left of their rudder and were back on course for St Lucia.We decided to stay south as we thought they may still need some help.This morning they phoned us to ask if we were prepared to shadow them over the next few days.All crew agreed we would.David said,we should stop picking up young men.We have another tale to tell but that will have to wait.So we have slowed down and are hoping to get within 10 miles of Starfire.We have enough provisions to last an extra couple of days.We will keep you updated of any further developments.
So apart from that excitement ,we are still,sunbathing,baking bread,much better than the part baked stuff,reading and cooking.Andy and Ray have finally had enough of the sextant.
Bye for now,Ray,Ali Andy and David.
Below; farewell Las Palmas