The winds are meant to be from the west

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Mon 24 May 2010 16:52
36:06.0800N 44:53.5100W
We continue to beat against a ENE wind coming directly from where we want to be going...the inconsistencies of the weather. At least the UK should be getting good weather! The rain has stopped although we still need oilskins at night as the temperatures dip. To think just a few weeks ago I was complaining it was too hot. Dolphins monitor our progress, riding the bow wave on a regular basis keeping us entertained. No more whale sightings.
The electric situation is stable as we continue to hand steer. The general consensus is it helps to pass the time at night, although when it gets wet and windy things can get a little uncomfortable. The wind generator is working well as we seem to be sailing up wind for a lot of the time. We have gone south of our great circle route in the hope of picking up stronger westerlies predicted in a few days. With the wind as it has been for the last 2 days our only other option would be to go NNW and I don't fancy going backwards. The wind is due to disappear later today so I may use the engine for the first time this trip to push us back NE.
Tony and I are learning a new language from the younger crew members... getting the vibes, things are sweet and the food is lush (or is that Gavin and Stacey). I have been introduced to a new decade of music.. although they claim some of it is from the nineties, that is modern to me! Fat Freddies Drop, Jamie T and Pendulum to name just 3. At least I don't have to listen to James Blunt. The bread making is coming on a treat producing light crusty buns that truely are lush, so watch out Tony. Duncan is getting quite desperate now at his inability to catch a fish and is threatening to spear a dolphin. It's ok  girls-we won't let him... unless the food runs out- only joking.