Las Palmas

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Sun 15 Nov 2009 22:04
28:07.7000N 15:25.6050W
Party time in Las Palmas with the official opening parade with flag bearers representing 33 countries, and no that is not me in the picture bearing my belly! We had a pontoon party last night and at one stage had people from 6 different countries on the boat so this truely is an international event. One week to go and the to do list is still as long as ever.
David joins us tomorrow so we hired a car today and visited some other towns around Gran Canaria. We were impressed with how attractive and interesting the places were, so there will be more sightseeing tomorrow. After that it will be time for some serious provisioning, although I do'nt know how we will fit everything in. The boat is already overflowing and that's before David and Andy join us.