Haven't stopped whining yet

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Fri 11 Dec 2009 14:03
15:04.9450N 55:13.9300W
Hi there and thank you to everyone who has sent messages.We have spent the last few days slowing to the pace of 'Starfire',which means sailing in huge seas ,with 25-30 knts of wind ,under a working jib which is pretty uncomfortable.To those of you old enough to remember 'Jim'll Fix It',there was a time when he arranged for a group of cubs to eat their packed lunch whilst riding the big dipper.Well thats how it is on our boat,trying to eat ,sleep and cook.
To anyone who maybe an incy bit envious I have paid for any enjoyment past and future!
Apart from that it's not too bad.
Starfire have opened a sweepstake on when we may arrive.I've gone for 1525hr 25mins and 20 secs on Monday.I hope it doesn't take too much longer as we are running out of supplies.Though should give me enough time to finish the socks.
Everyone on board is in pretty good spirits and all looking slightly slimmer,though the heat doesn't seem to have supressed Ray and David's appetite too much.
Have had some pretty weird dreams,involving swooping over the sea,Gill B had a very nice haircut and Mr Cleverley was wearing a very smart jacket and tie,Nigella lawson also featured,analyse that!
Keep sending the messages they are much appreciated.
Take care RADA