Loan sailor from Lympstone

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Tue 8 Jun 2010 11:50
44:38.6140N 26:07.4940W
Shortly after daybreak yesterday I received a radio call from a loan yachtsman travelling from east to west, having left Plymouth and on his way to Newport, Rhode Island as part of the Jester Challenge, a race open only to small single handed yachts under 30 feet in length. Other than that there are no other rules or regulations for the race other than a start and finish line. It originated from a challenge by Blonde Haslar (founder of Special Boat Services Commando fame). The radio call was from yacht Cookie and I was later informed by Tony that she is being sailed by Rory from Lympstone Sailing Club, so two boats in the middle of the Atlantic with no-one else for miles around (certainly the only ones in VHF range) and both flying the Lympstone burgie. What are the chances of that and good luck Rory)
We continue to make good progress north, averaging around 150 miles per day but the wind is beginning to ease and turn more northerly against us, so the progress is slowing. Still no fish.