I wish they would keep this boat still!

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Wed 25 Nov 2009 17:02
22:44.1420N 20:33.1460W
Day 4 and we have managed a shower. The first attempt with the solar shower nearly saw me sliding overboard on the soapy deck but caught in the slips by the team -very painful. After that it was back to the relative safety of the heads.
So far it has been pretty good down wind sailing in winds around 20-30 knots. It has taken a while to get used to the constant rolling brought on by the swell, but it's fortunate the body is adaptable and after long enough you can even snatch 2 or 3 hours sleep! Ali says there is no sane woman she knows who would put herself through this.We continue sailing with the top half of our mainsail and poled out genoa which is working a dream in these conditions. We spent most of the night surfing at 7-8 knots making great progress, although possibly in the wrong direction. I have gambled on better conditions further south so you may receive a phone call from Brazil. Anyway time will tell.
David sighted a turtle yesterday (a Hawkesbill he thinks) so that generated a little excitement; the real thrill was to come later with the crews introduction to Eucre in adverse conditions with cards flying everywhere. I do'nt know if it will be a regular feature but you will be pleased to hear that husband and wife will not be partners in cards. that would lead to real stormy conditions!