Racing start but at a price!

Silver Bear
Ray Lawry
Wed 25 Nov 2009 11:14
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From: Ray Lawry
Sent: Monday, November 23, 2009 12:43 PM

26:31.5740N 17:00.1270W
Tremendous send off from Las Palmas complete with brass band, fireworks and lots of people waving. Little wind to start, but that soon changed and by nightfall we were into 30 knot winds in the acceleration zone off Gran Canaria. Had a slight mishap with the mainsail which now has a couple of tears around 4 feet long. The good news is that we are still sailing with the top bit of the sail (double reef for those that know about these things) and managed 152 nautical miles in the first 23 hours, which gives an indication of how windy it was. Its too lumpy to spend much time on the blog so I will keep this one short.
Everyone is well and it should be all downhill from here. Hopefully the wind will continue to blow or it may take forever to get to St Lucia. A big thank you for all your messages and emails. I will get round to replying in more detail once we have sorted a few things.
Andy seems to have enjoyed the fantastic send off from Las Palmas and is settling into the pace of life. David is as chilled as ever and Ali misses her fridge more than ever (another of those little jobs I need to get round to fixing).
The sun is shining and we are on our way.