Leaving Horta 38:32N 28:36W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Mon 4 Jun 2012 11:12
June 4th - All ready to set sail at 11am bound for San Miguel, the most east of the Azores islands - 167 Nm so should take about 24 hours if we keep good boat speed as previous. There we drop Ian off to fly home and pick up Joe, to help on the last leg to Spain.
Done a lot of the repairs needed but the wind gauge has defeated Andy (he tried everything including dipping in the harbour for 24 hours - don't ask!), and we will take another look at sensor unit in SM. In fact, if we should encounter winds again like we did on the way here, it might be best not to know the wind speed and just go and sit on the newly serviced heads! These are now Andy's 'pride and joy' - new valves and seat hinges: pure luxury! Whilst talking of things toilet related : had the very bizarre experience, on landing after 16  days at sea, of not getting wobbly legs(as expected)  but a spinning and tossing marina loo - apparently not unusual - but not nice...
C has done a painting on the dockside to get good luck for winds - looks very good......
Final night here we went to the local hotel for a slap up meal: excellent food and wine.
Horta is a charming , unspoilt place and long may it stay so but we are ready to move on......