Wild and windy night

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Wed 30 Nov 2011 20:19
Last night we celebrated our halfway point in the Journey ( 1450 N miles to St Lucia ) we had champagne and red wine with our salt  fish Baccalau . Followed by a bar of lime and sea salt chocolate for desert ( There was a salt theme in case you didn't notice ) We had a very pleasant evening ,drinking and chatting. The moon was up as were Jupiter, Venus and Mars.There was a good 16knots of  Easterly wind blowing us westward towards St Lucia, We all retired to bed about 10pm leaving Jason and Mike on watch. At about 2AM al hell broke loose . Kantara was hit by a sudden squall, the wind backed to the south and the wind speed hit 35knots. It took 10 minutes to reef the sails and get the her under control , At one stage Kantara was being blown backwards by the force of the wind and ( apparently ) the noise was horrendous . I say apparently because I'm embarrassed to say I slept through it all !! . Any way the lads managed without me . I got up this morning at 6AM to find things looking a bit of a mess and everyone looking very sleepy .
Today has been uneventful,although we have all been scanning the horizon nervously for tall clouds which indicate squalls . We are making good progress. We have only seen one other boat on the far horizon this morning . Unfortunately the fish are just as elusive and we haven't had a bite for two days now ! So mike cooked another of his excellent vegetable curry's again tonight . Were all setting down to sleep now . Me and Andy are on till 1AM so time for some stargazing . The temperature is rising steadily and St Lucia is 1218 NM away ,not too far , except we are only travelling at abut 7knotts ( approx 8mph )
bye for now