All over tan: 16.18.99N 48.20.704W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Sat 3 Dec 2011 21:00
Hi All,
'On the good ship Venus (Kantara didn't rhyme) by god they should have seen us , when I got up , there was Ian at the helm, steering with his great big p*n*s' Yes, today 2 of the crew went mad and declared it an 'all over tan day' which is fine when you are hung like a donkey. But the funny thing is Andy and Ian were competing for the crinkly maggot trophy-the winner of which will be announced on 17th December in front of their families.
We are waiting for the sea to calm before going up the mast to recover the spinnaker halyard. We have had to sail all day goose winged with the white sails which is a bit pedestrian when you are used to being riddled with angst at the threat of the spinnaker wrapping around itself, the forestay or any one of those useless bits of string and wire going up the mast.Just to keep us on our toes Andy has rigged a self tripping spinnaker halyard which without any notice detaches itself and leaves the spinnaker hovering in mid air before diving into the sea.Now that Andy is happy with his crews ability to trawl the Atlantic with both the spinnaker and the asymmetric, he has agreed to stop playing that game and we are going to attach a new shackle.
Most of the fresh fruit and veg gone and there are signs of scurvy. Either Jason plays with his beard or something or he has scurvy. There are loads of curly black hairs all over the boat and no one is owning up.
I have to leave for a photo shoot now as we are making a Kantara version of the calendar girls calendar. We can't publish it on the blog because 
a) it's too big
b)porn is not allowed
c) George Clooney has to speak with his agent 
Bye for now
Mike and crew

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