By jove I think he's got it! 34:05N 45:41W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Fri 25 May 2012 10:55
Many of you may be aware that Ian has at times expressed some frustration with astro navigation and the odd expletive has been uttered whilst working out the calculations. Well you will no doubt be very pleased to hear that yesterday he was able to very accurately plot our position using a set of sun run sun fixes. We have all been very impressed with his dedication to this task, although I suspect that it might be a form of self harm and that he is subconsciously trying to find something to replace the work induced stresses of his 'normal' life. Today's task is to take this new found expertise and modify our astro forms to include relevant instructions and wisdom.
The good ship Kantara and crew continue to bound forward towards the Canaries which on present pace should be around 6 days away. Winds are still a little fickle and we have had to motor through the entire night. With the winds slowly coming astern, we rigged up the spinnaker yesterday and had a reasonable light wind run for a couple of hours making 6 knots vmg. Hopefully  We will hopefully start to push north through the top of the high today and start to pickup some more healthy westerly's.
We browsed the Azores pilot book yesterday and the islands look surprisingly interesting. Our current plan is to stay a couple of days in Horta on Faial, move on to Terceira and then Sao Miguel. The latter is 150nm east of Horta so this should take a day off the Gibraltar leg.
Last night we had lasagna for dinner followed by tinned apricots drizzled in a smidgen of Cointreau, very sophisticated!
Any news on Monaco grand prix, which I think is this weekend, would be appreciated.