Strange events at sea 18.37.31N 34.22.11W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Mon 28 Nov 2011 19:52
Hi all,
We had a series of strange events today. First of all Jasons bedroom was ransacked overnight-pants towels shirts and bedding was everywhere but then we realized that ever since I was thrown out of his boudoir things had not been the same in that part of the boat. The reason for my ejection was based on a false accusation that I had been stealing his sweets that he had been hiding in the cupboard. Jason then went on to dress like a pole dancer for the day-which of course has alarmed his shipmates. We have kept him on the helm for most of the day so that we could see his hands!
Another strange phenenon is that everytime Andy sleeps the battery charge plummets.Either he has electronic instruments in his bedroom that require lots of power or all of his shipmates rush to charge their phones, put the autohelm on and run the fridge. I am going to begin an official inquiry when I get to St Lucia.
The boy did well though with Kantara covering nearly 200 miles today. Unfortunately that is far too fast for the fish. We hooked another today just as the boat hit a gust which took us over ten knots and separated us from our supper again.We have our halfway supper planned for tomorow with fresh tuna on the menu so when Andy is asleep,we are going to take the sails down and fish. Four knots is the ideal speed for fishing which may cost us a place or two in the race -but who gives a SH* when fresh fish has to be served with our chilled champagne-oh yes and we are going to have to run the fridge all day tomorrow to get the champagne to that critical temperature.
We shuold pass the halfway mark tomorrow and we will be celebrating with dinner and a glass of bubbly. We will be toasting all of our loved ones at about 6pm GMT tomorrow (Tuesday).
Best wishes to all who are following us.

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