Good Bye St Lucia, Hello Martinique 14:29.9N 61:05.3W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Sun 18 Mar 2012 00:52

Nearly 3 months after we arrived it was finally time to depart ST Lucia and we slipped our lines at 11.20am on Sunday 18th March.

St Lucia will always be a very special place for me being the end point of our fantastic ARC trip, a great 4 days post Arc with the guys and a Christmas to top all Christmas's with Suzy, Ella. Becca, Joe, Lisa, Nancy, Connor and Kantara.

We had a great sail over to Grande Anse in Martinique and dropped anchor at 14.00. When swimming we realised how bad the barnacles were and were able to remove a large number using a plastic scraper, but the remainder will need attention later.

Had a rather bizarre swim to towards shore with Lewis looking like George Michael with his earring and wayfarer 2 style sun glasses and Dave and I trying not to swim in circles with our dodgy shoulders.

Had a good evening even though service was poor even by Caribbean laid back standards. After a night tipple we were all in bed by ten ready for a longer sail to Dominica on Tuesday