Ian and the flying fish

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Sat 26 Nov 2011 16:55
Ian was beginning to think that we were all making up our sightings of flocks/shoals of flying fish but he has finally seen some for himself. They are amazing creatures and can skim for several hundred meters just above the surface. Next challenge are jumping crabs and leaping lobsters which Ian has still not been able to spot!
Fairly uneventful day on the high seas with fairly moderate winds but very clear skies. We did take three attempts to get the spinnaker up this morning which was not a great start but quickly sorted everything out and sat down to a good cup of tea and scrambled egg with smoked salmon to recover. Drug the night Joe, Mike and Jason all saw a pod of dolphins which were lit up by the phosphorescence and looked like tracer missiles darting round the boat.
It has now been over thirty hours since we last saw a yacht which is probably not surprising as we are towards the southern edge of the fleet hoping that the forecast of stronger winds down here will hold true, just gone under 1900 nautical miles to St Lucia.