Hot Hot Hot !!!15.23.15N 56.17.68W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Tue 6 Dec 2011 20:34
Hello all
Its now getting very hot. The boat is like a sauna and if you spend too long on deck you get frazzeld by the sun . We're all getting a bit lethargic and struggling to get up and moving . The wind is very light now ,about 5knts and comming from the west, which is where St Lucia is so that's not good as we are tacking and making 4knts towards it. The sea is very flat and very blue and the sky is clear so stargazing is what occupies us on the night watch , we just had a pod of about 20 dolphins come and join us for an hour. They put on a fantastic display of acrobatics for us . We also caught a large barracuda for tonight's supper, we are all getting a bit fed up with fish now and looking forward to a change of diet on land. I am craving some macaroni cheese and the lads are craving goat curry.
St Lucia is only 280 Nm away now but we are approaching very slowly so its going to take a few more days. We have started to see a more ARC boats now and last night at sundown a large cruise ship went by on its way to Barbados. We imagined them all sitting down to a sumptuous dinner with a nice cold glass of wine as we sipped on warm water and ate vegetable chili con carne ( I know but the rations are getting low ,it was that or peanut butter and cream cheese wraps )
We are all thinking of stopping the boat and going for a swim tonight before dinner to cool off , we have put our watches on Caribbean time now. We are 4 hours behind GMT. The sun was starting to rise at 10am in the morning so we thought we ought to do something about it . Hoping to get some wind in next 12 hours to speed us on our way . hope all is well in UK . can someone e mail me the fotball scores , Arsenal, Brighton, Man city , chelsea,and man U please .
Bye for now

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