Monday 21st November 2011 First full day at sea 29:07.184N 14:20.7W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Mon 21 Nov 2011 18:50
We are just coming to the end of our first full day at sea . Everyone starting to get into the routine now. We are not hearing so much of 'where are my sun glasses ? have you seen my hat ?' None of us got much sleep last night so everyone a bit knackered today . Good days sailing with the Spinnaker up for most of the day. We seem to have passed lots of other yachts today. It's a bit early to tell how we are doing but we think we are up with the front boats in our class . We hooked a nice fish this afternoon but again it got away ,honest ! It was over a foot long and Mike fought with it for a couple of minutes but we were travelling too fast to keep it on the hook , so the quest for the first fish continues.
The sun is about to go down and we are sitting down to a nice Paella ! a nice red wine would be good but alas its water for us !. We are on the fifth watch pattern now and seem to eventually to have it sorted. Mike is craving chocolate and seems to look off into the distance every time the word is mentioned. Skipper is teaching us all about Spinnaker handling and how to hold a steady course.
All in all a successful first full day at sea and were all still speaking to each other ( well I'm not speaking to Mike ,oh and he's fallen out with Jason  ) but apart from that were all fine.
Joe and the Kantara Crew  

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