Dominica Here we come 15:33.7N 61:28.2W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Mon 19 Mar 2012 00:05
March 19th
This was the longest of our journeys, about 10 hours, and mostly on the leeward side of the islands so plenty of motoring! Still, I would say some of the most exotic natural landscapes we have seen so far.

We pulled in shortly before dusk, the shore was relatively lively but our low energy levels (laziness perhaps) left us on the boat for the evening for some tasty tuna pasta.
Dave insisted on "curling one down" in the bay but we held him off for the night. To be fair though, it was far from the most picturesque of places we had seen!
An early night with a fabulous sunset and up early again in the morning. Short on bread and a surplus of rubbish, I rowed ashore dispose of said rubbish and find a shop. Unfortunately (but fairly enough) I was informed by a large group of men well armed for breaking open coconuts, that I had to pay for rubbish disposal. I sadly rowed back with 2 measly rolls of bread leaving us with a conservative lunch.