Fresh Bread Today

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Thu 24 Nov 2011 17:40
Joe did us proud today with some stunning fresh bread and we have just had canapés created by Mike with black pasta with octopus to follow at sunset.
Last night was one of our less productive evenings with light winds mainly in the wrong direction and a very lumpy sea making it difficult to sail deep. We have had a glorious spinnaker run today holding 9 to 10 knots for around 5 hours, nearly all in the right direction. The crew are also developing into excellent downwind helmsmen with delicate kite control.
We were also accompanied by a very large pod of dolphins this morning for several hours who put on a very good show.
We have had two boats in view most of the day and it is pleasing to see them gradually drop back over the horizon. Hopefully wind will hold tonight and we can keep making our way south west with the intention of getting to 20N by the time we reach 30W.
We are really getting into a good routine now but will spice things up with some watch rotation tomorrow. Only concern is that the carnivores are starting to get a bit tetchy and there is talk of eating Mike, will keep an eye on that one.