One week at Sea

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Sun 27 Nov 2011 16:32
We've been out here in the big blue sea now for one week . Haven't seen another boat for two days !. Its been nice and sunny for the past few days and we are all starting to resemble old sea dogs with beards and tans. We caught a big fish today but it got off . We saw it jump and it looked like a 2ft Tuna. Its getting towards sunset now so we are settling down for dinner and the night watch. The stars at night are incredible , I am slowly learning all the constellations with the use of Mikes clever I phone app and a Noddys guide to the stars. We can see all the major planets bar Mars. Jupiter is the brightest followed by Venus. We have been taking fixes at dust and using them to locate our position, very interesting but hard on the old grey matter. Kantara is really going well. We are now 1746 nm from St Lucia now and planning what to have for the halfway party in a couple of days time . I think we might even break into the champagne and eat some of the chocolate !
Bye for Now
P.S can someone e mail me and let me know how Arsenal got on ?

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