Cruising off casablanca

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Sat 15 Oct 2011 17:10
Well I'll tell you what its tough out here! Just had prawn and potato curry sitting on deck in the sun. Not much wind but flat seas and sunshine. Weve all settled into the warch routine. Basically you sit on the helm for four hours trying not to Jibe he boat ( thats basically bad news ) then you go off to bed and just as you get to sleep some bastard comes and wakes you up to say its your turn again! Making resonable headway despite the lack of wind . Motor sailed all day today but breeze picking up now so should be able to turn engine off soon. Been fishing all day but alas the tuna have been avoiding us .  Im on watch till 8 then off to bed with nice mug of hot chocolte till I get woken again at midnight. All the crew happy and seem to be getting lots of rest and settling into routine. Had to stop mike going of Kite surfing today . Abba just come on Dominics I pod so time to go I think ?
Andy Mike says can you check ferrys from lanzarote to gran canaria?

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