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Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Tue 20 Mar 2012 00:36

Had a really good sail over to Les Saintes, a collection of islands south of Guadalupe.

Being around boats most of his life, if not doing a great amount of sailing, has clearly crept into Lewis's sole and he is now coming out with terms like, 'ease the sheets and bare away' and is also turning into a pretty handy helm, riding the swells and gusts like a pro.

Dave did a great job plotting a series of waypoints through the tricky but picturesque passage between the islands and we anchored for lunch at Anse a Cointe.

After some gentle swimming, reading and sleeping we headed off to pick up a swinging mooring at Anse Du Bourg- we are all starting to really get into the gentle pace of Caribbean cruising and becoming more comfortable with limited email and web access.

Customs was a standalone PC in the corner of a bar and we duly checked into Guadalupe for three days and paid our customs and mooring fees. After a few beers we had a very good meal in a waterfront restaurant and then had an interesting row back out to our mooring - note to self, buy a bigger tender!