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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jun 2012
Thu 28 Jun 09:15 (no subject)
Sat 16 Jun 08:57 Kantara Completes Atlantic Odyssey 36:17N 5:16W 36:17.22N 5:16.16W
Fri 15 Jun 21:00 Europa Point 36:05.00N 5:20.00W
Fri 15 Jun 20:00 Tarifa 35:59.00N 5:37.00W
Fri 15 Jun 06:12 Last full night at sea on the Atlantic Odysey 3:10N 7:42W 36:10.00N 7:42.00W
Thu 14 Jun 10:06 Not far to go 36:29N 10:38W 36:29.00N 10:38.00W
Wed 13 Jun 10:10 The Quest for fish is over ! Tuna Tuna Tuna 36:42N 13:52W 36:42.00N 13:52.00W
Tue 12 Jun 07:54 The Dead Sea 36:58N 17:40W 36:58.00N 17:40.00W
Mon 11 Jun 07:53 here we go again ! 37:27N 21:11W 37:27.00N 21:11.00W
Sun 10 Jun 09:53 Onwards 37:38N 24:10W 37:38.00N 24:10.00W
Thu 07 Jun 10:00 Goodbye from me and hello to Joe
Tue 05 Jun 13:59 Sao Miguel 37:44N 25:40W 37:44.00N 25:40.00W
Mon 04 Jun 11:12 Leaving Horta 38:32N 28:36W 38:32.00N 28:36.00W
Fri 01 Jun 16:28 Horta at last! 38:32N 28:38W 38:32.00N 28:38.00W
May 2012
Thu 31 May 12:49 Final approach into azores 38:22N 28:56W 38:22.00N 28:56.00W
Wed 30 May 16:13 30 May Position Entry 38:07N 31:15W 38:07.00N 31:15.00W
Tue 29 May 16:06 2300 miles down 300 to go 37:39N 34:42W 37:39.00N 34:42.00W
Mon 28 May 11:03 The Hooligans 37:45N 38:31W 37:45.00N 38:31.00W
Sun 27 May 12:35 Overtaken by fleet of 25 yachts 36:32N 40:49W 36:32.00N 40:49.00W
Sat 26 May 12:48 Whale, what a day! 35:48N 43:0W 35:48.00N 43:00.00W
Fri 25 May 10:55 By jove I think he's got it! 34:05N 45:41W 34:05.00N 45:41.00W
Thu 24 May 14:03 1000 Miles to go! 33:20N 48:11W 33:20.00N 48:11.00W
Wed 23 May 13:34 Desert Island Discs 32:27N 50:28W 32:27.00N 50:28.00W
Tue 22 May 12:57 Kantara the star 31:28N 52:37W 31:28.00N 52:37.00W
Mon 21 May 16:23 more like the brochure 29:59N 53:49W 29:59.00N 53:49.00W
Sun 20 May 16:22 Chelsea 28:16N 55:45W 28:16.00N 55:45.00W
Sat 19 May 16:03 On we press 26:09N 57:29W 26:09.00N 57:29.00W
Fri 18 May 13:33 Far Beter Night 23:44N 59:06W 23:44.00N 59:06.00W
Thu 17 May 16:11 17 May Position Entry 22:52N 59:57W 22:52.00N 59:57.00W
Wed 16 May 16:57 It was Not Like this in brochure 17:03.9N 61:53.1W 19:47.00N 61:10.00W
Tue 15 May 16:10 15 May Position Entry 17:44N 61:36W 17:44.00N 61:36.00W
Tue 15 May 00:10 Last (land) Supper
Apr 2012
Fri 13 Apr 00:26 Glamorous Girls Depart Antigua and Preparation for the Return Begins
Fri 06 Apr 22:47 Antigua Fun
Thu 05 Apr 00:19 Very English Harbour
Mar 2012
Fri 30 Mar 23:53 Hot Hot Hot!!!
Thu 29 Mar 23:52 Glamorous Girls Arrive in Antigua
Fri 23 Mar 00:50 Antigua Here We Come 17:03.9N 61:53.1W 17:03.90N 61:53.10W
Thu 22 Mar 00:49 Destination Deshaies 16:18.5N 61:48.2W 16:18.50N 61:48.20W
Wed 21 Mar 00:50 French do cook fish without bones 16:05.8N 61:46.6W 16:05.80N 61:46.60W
Tue 20 Mar 00:36 We Like France! 15:52.2N 61:35.6W 15:52.20N 61:35.60W
Mon 19 Mar 00:05 Dominica Here we come 15:33.7N 61:28.2W 15:33.70N 61:28.20W
Sun 18 Mar 00:52 Good Bye St Lucia, Hello Martinique 14:29.9N 61:05.3W 14:29.90N 61:05.30W
Fri 16 Mar 23:30 Preparing to Leave St Lucia 14:04.5N 60:56.9W 14:04.50N 60:56.90W
Dec 2011
Fri 09 Dec 14:40 Yes, we are there yet. 14.04.8N 60.57.6W 14:04.80N 60:57.60W
Thu 08 Dec 08:50 Fw: Are we there yet ?? 14:19.60N 60:16.70W
Wed 07 Dec 11:56 Swimming in water over 2 miles deep 14:48.80N 58:35.50W
Tue 06 Dec 20:34 Hot Hot Hot !!!15.23.15N 56.17.68W 15:23.15N 56:17.68W
Mon 05 Dec 21:39 500 miles : 15.29.67N 54.24.83W 15:29.67N 54:24.83W
Sun 04 Dec 19:42 Shower time: 16.17.82N 51.28.31W 16:17.82N 51:28.31W
Sat 03 Dec 21:00 All over tan: 16.18.99N 48.20.704W 16:18.99N 48:20.70W
Fri 02 Dec 18:56 Breakages 16.19.28N 45.27.20W 16:19.28N 45:27.20W
Thu 01 Dec 17:57 Atlantic Storm Graduation 16:53.30N 42:32.20W
Nov 2011
Wed 30 Nov 20:19 Wild and windy night 17:59.70N 39:46.30W
Tue 29 Nov 18:26 Sleeping in a tumbledryer 18.25.179 N 37.09.434W 18:25.18N 37:09.43W
Mon 28 Nov 19:52 Strange events at sea 18.37.31N 34.22.11W 18:37.31N 34:22.11W
Sun 27 Nov 16:32 One week at Sea 18:45.00N 31:15.00W
Sat 26 Nov 16:55 Ian and the flying fish 18:59.00N 28:05.51W
Fri 25 Nov 17:59 Slow Aussie! 20.14.511N 25.52.203W 20:14.51N 25:52.20W
Thu 24 Nov 17:40 Fresh Bread Today 22:23.00N 24:10.00W
Wed 23 Nov 17:48 Finally, one that did not get away 23:05.2N 21:36.0W 23:05.20N 21:36.00W
Tue 22 Nov 18:23 Day 3 Yet another fish gets away ! 24:47.004N 19:58.7W 24:47.00N 19:58.70W
Mon 21 Nov 18:50 Monday 21st November 2011 First full day at sea 29:07.184N 14:20.7W 25:47.61N 16:56.30W
Sun 20 Nov 18:45 Wow what a great day 27:57.00N 15:17.00W
Sun 20 Nov 10:06 Calm before the storm
Sat 19 Nov 14:01 Ready for the off
Oct 2011
Thu 20 Oct 07:58 We've arrived at last
Wed 19 Oct 11:02 Kantara Arrives Safely in Las Palmas - More to follow 28:07.40N 15:25.50W
Tue 18 Oct 18:40 Las Palmas here we come 29:07.184N 14:20.7W 29:07.18N 14:20.70W
Tue 18 Oct 13:47 mike getting ready for big night out !
Tue 18 Oct 09:07 The crew are revolting 29:45.324N 13:38.1W 29:45.32N 13:38.10W
Mon 17 Oct 16:35 Monday 30:53.14N 012:50.71W 30:53.14N 12:50.71W
Mon 17 Oct 16:23 Fw: Sailing with Dolphins 30:53.14N 012:50.71W 30:53.14N 12:50.71W
Mon 17 Oct 11:46 Sailing with Dolphins 31:14.98N 011:48.56W 31:14.98N 11:48.56W
Sun 16 Oct 17:37 Heading out to sea 32:35.39N 010:07.25W 32:35.39N 10:07.25W
Sun 16 Oct 07:36 Sunday Morning off Morocco
Sat 15 Oct 17:10 Cruising off casablanca 34:15.68N 8:11.27W
Sat 15 Oct 12:55 The adventure continues 34:30.81N 7:48.57W
Fri 14 Oct 16:46 At Sea at last 35:43.98N 6:08.99W
Fri 14 Oct 09:11 Gran Canaria bound
Thu 13 Oct 17:39 Crew Assemble in Gibraltar 36:08.91N 5:21.18W
Wed 12 Oct 19:14 The adventure begins 36:17.24N 5:16.10W