Las Palmas here we come 29:07.184N 14:20.7W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Tue 18 Oct 2011 18:40
We have just passed Lanzerote on our port side and now on the last leg into Las Palmas . We should arrive there tommorow morning at about 9AM so will be able to phone you all then . After another round of Tuna Pasta and home made Ciabattia we are all now settling down for the last night on board the lovely yauht Kantara . She has been very good and well behaved ( unlike some of the crew ) . The watch system  fell apart last night with the lack of sleep finally catching up with us. I think we now realise that no one likes going to bed at 4AM and then being woken at 6AM to do a six hour shift . So we've all learnt something .It has been a great adventure which we have all enoyed, The sun has shone, the sea has been benign ( for the Atlantic ) and the Craic has been good . What more could you ask for ? We meet up with our Skipper Andy tommorow so we need to start putting his boat back together now . Oh and we saw another load of Dolphins at Sunset but Hey Ho ??