500 miles : 15.29.67N 54.24.83W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Mon 5 Dec 2011 21:39
Hi All,
We cracked the 500 mile milestone at 5am this morning and celebrated by downing a bottle of champagne with our meal tonight.
The day started off well with an early Spinnaker hoist and had a great run until a squall spoiled the fun, but not before we managed to broach!
The squalls do not have have the intense winds we experienced a few days ago but certainly dump huge amounts of rain in a very short time. We now have just 387 miles left but the forecast wind for tomorrow and Weds is quite light so we are heading south to try to pick up better wind tomorrow. 
If it can be described as routine we have definitely settled into one. The night watches are getting easier and we all grab sleep during the day whenever we can. The hardest things to cope with during the day is the heat and humidity.
Our main objective is to arrive in St Lucia before closing time. Mike and I think we should turn on the engine to make closing time, if necessary, but not sure the skipper shares our view. The crew are all looking forward to a cold Red Stripe beer and a fresh water shower. Hopefully we should be there within 3 days, winds permitting.
Best wishes
PS It is now 15 days since we saw land