Antigua Here We Come 17:03.9N 61:53.1W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Fri 23 Mar 2012 00:50

Thankfully this trip of just over 45 miles largely had us clear of any islands so we had a good reach in 15 knot winds which slowly dropped to around 10. Montserrat was ever present to the west and looked quite foreboding.

We had to go to engine as we hit the lee of Antigua but after a while the engine temperature alarm went off so were back under sail. Lewis did a sterling job heading to windward on a stiffening and heading breeze whilst Dave and I diagnosed a damaged water inlet impeller blade and put in a new one. We continued under sail tacking into the marina approach and engine was then fine.

Customs in Jolly Harbour was an interesting experience with much repeating of data on different forms between customs, immigration and the port authority, but they were a friendly bunch and we were glad to catch them before they closed otherwise we would have been confined to the boat overnight.

After a very refreshing shower we had a few beers in the very lively bar followed by an enjoyable loosely themed Thai meal, although it was by far the most expensive meal we had all week. For the record we had been using the boat fresh water shower off teh transom all week but given the need to use the water sparingly, it was good to use teh marina shower.

Lewis now heads back on Saturday and Dave on Sunday.

All in all a vey good trip with an excellent crew and now ready for a few very casual weeks in Antigua.