French do cook fish without bones 16:05.8N 61:46.6W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Wed 21 Mar 2012 00:50
Wed 22/03 - After a swift visit to the Caribbean equivalent of St .Tropez we had  a comfortable sail across to the main Island of Guadeloupe in search of another paradise bay to anchor in. The sail across to Guadeloupe was very relaxing with plenty of flying fish and a few other yachts and ships to observe. Andy (definitely son of Len) spent much of the trip fault finding why the AIS system keeps loosing its data. Lewis who now is trying his hardest to avoid a sun tan is busy keeping Nivea in business. After reviewing one anchorage we decided to move on to the next one with promises of a hotel and a top shelf restaurant.
Once we dropped anchor, despite warnings of sharks (by me) Andy swam ashore and sorted us a reservation at a local restaurant where we experienced Fish (US style) i.e.. NO BONES.  The dinner was top shelf and the owners even took US dollars (not bad for the French) even though the hotel turned out to be a Retirement Home !!!! Another row back to the boat and another day in paradise over.